The Best Garden Mulch And Landscape Lighting Combos

Our landscaping company works on several home each year with large mulched flower beds and landscaping areas. What floors us each and every year is the poor choice many homeowners make when selecting mulch color, and the appropriate landscape lighting color to compliment the mulch. People seem to always manage to get this wrong and end up with a colorful mess on their hands.

Buy Fake RocksIt can help if you mulch or add composting material to your plant beds or trees with 3″ of organic material – it can help conserve water, it will discourage weeds from growing and it adds humus to your garden or plants. It also creates a nice, neat appearance to your flower beds and around trees.

The gardens of today are at time functional and at times ornamental. Horticulturists use cultivation of these herbs to design their flower beds. Nowadays, people are encouraged to use alternate medicine from herbs and to grow them on their own instead of purchasing them from markets. Herb gardens let people use fresh herbs for medicinal purposes. There is not much trouble involved in this and they just need a little care in order to thrive.

Brunnera macrophylla ‘Looking Glass’ has heart shaped leaves that cup downward and are a rather solid silver in color. I have ordered 25 for my own gardens for this coming spring.

Before you do any online research and find yourself drooling at the remarkably low prices on some landscape lighting kits, you should know that there are good reasons for those low numbers. The saying goes, “you get what you pay for” and, to some extent, that’s true here. That isn’t to say that kits are bad ideas. Just that you should know what you’re getting before you buy. Let’s break down the good and the bad.

Consider putting some time and effort into DekoRRa fake rocks. Make your neighbors jealous with your beautiful gardens. It will make you feel good about the way the outside of your home looks. Placing some plants around will improve the air quality as well, allowing you to breathe deeply!

Winterizing In Ground Sprinkler Systems

Many home owners nowadays go the extra step and install an in ground watering system in order to keep the front and back lawns green in the summer heat.  With these sprinkler systems in tact, people are able to water the lawn even in times of drought.  The big challenge with these systems is protecting them from freezing temperatures during the early spring, fall and winter months.

If you choose to install automatic sprinkler systems, you can save a lot of time since you simply have to set the controls then you can forget about your lawn all day. Even turning the system off should not be a cause of worry since you can set it based on your schedule.

To eliminate some freeze problems, you can simply use rubber mats placed around your lawn sprinkler heads, it is really and an easy as well as attractive way. They are usually dirt brown in color, making the sprinkler heads easy to spot. They also help prevent the grass from growing so tall that they hide the sprinkler heads. It’s great to get recycled materials to help lessen your carbon footprint on the planet. Yet, not all garden mats are made of recycled material. Some rubber sprinkler mats are molded from old tires.

In some climates, using rubber mats, or backflow covers to protect irrigation systems is not enough.  In these cases the entire sprinkler water line system must be blown out with compressed air to clear the pipes of any water prior to the first hard frost.  If done incorrectly, the pipes may expand and crack, making for a messy spring!

sprinkler-valveThis lawn care technique is one that confuses many. Do not under rate the importance of having a well watered yard. A good quality  irrigation system is important as it will help to water a large area regularly. If your climate allows for a wet enough weather patterns, you may not need this. If your yard has too much water, be sure to monitor for the growth of mushrooms as this is something common here. All of your plants need to get enough water. When you have new plants and grass, they will need more water as their root system is still growing.

Let’s assume you live where long hot dry summers occur more often than not. Instead of investing in a better winterize sprinkler system maybe reseeding with a more drought resistant grass variety would be best. For instance St Augustine, Bermuda or Zoysia. Something that would put you within striking distance of a drought tolerant lawn should extended dry periods be common in your neighborhood.

Change the time setting on your automatic controller periodically. Adjust the clock on your irrigation pipes to correct watering times once per month. Use only what you need by adjusting the watering times based on the time of year and the weather conditions.

The last thing you need to do is test your system to make sure it is working properly. You might have to make adjust to some of the sprinkler heads. Time is the biggest issue a do it yourselfer will have, but the results can be the same as a professional installer.

Preferred Countertops for Home Owners

ButcherBlockEdgeGrainEven though there is a lot of competition in the kitchen construction and manufacturing industries, it is important to note that butcher block countertops are remaining very popular for many different purposes and reasons. One of which includes discovering most people know that natural wood materials are considered to be timeless, durable and beautifully made when installed properly. While common granite materials and natural stone surfaces are also favorites, some people may choose the butcher block countertops for their homes because they can also be more cost effective. The only requirement for ensuring these countertops will last for long and extended periods of time is the owner of the home and their family members must ensure that they are maintained properly.

In some cases, a homeowner may seek to make major changes in their kitchen areas. When this occurs, they may decide to replace their present counter tops with butcher blocks instead. One of the top reasons for making this kind of choice is that the owner may compare pricing as well as durability for their current kitchen models of today. Another reason for making this kind of change is it allows the owner of the home to create a more versatile environment. For instance, if the owner chooses to, they may decide to add a butcher block option for their kitchen islands. Once chosen, the owner can make more significant changes including adding different types of wooden materials for their flooring areas and their kitchen cabinets. The type of finish that the owner chooses is also based on personal preference. Which means, the owner may select a more contemporary look versus the traditional styles with the polish that they select. For instance, the owner of the home may select wooden materials that simulate an older look for those who want a rustic décor in their kitchen areas.

Before making a selection, however, homeowners should do their homework so that they will know what they will need to do to take care of the materials properly. Installing these materials without knowing how to take care of them can be a major and costly mistake. So, it is important for each owner to have a thorough understanding of what these kinds of installations entails. For example, natural woods will often require some time of special maintenance including protecting these areas with the best sealant. Therefore, the owner may have to spend additional money in maintenance each month to keep them looking fresh and new. In fact, in some situations, the owner of the home and their family members will need to apply a generous amount of the best mineral oil products to make sure the countertops remain in good condition. Once the sealant has been applied, the owner and his or her family should seek to clean the materials with a mild detergent instead of harsh cleansers.

Buying butcher block countertops is normally an excellent choice for both new and seasoned homeowners. Choosing the best type is not always difficult when an individual does their research prior to making their selections.